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Interviews at Distell

Here’s what others thought about the interview process at Distell.

Interview experience

Based on 173 interviews

Interview difficulty

Based on 169 interviews

Interview process length

Based on 167 interviews
About a week

Interview process at Distell

Overall experience

On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is Poor and 10 is Excellent, rating is 8.

On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is Easy and 10 is Difficult, rating is 5.

Interview process length
About a week
About a day or two
About two weeks
About a month
More than one month
Most reported steps
On-site interview
Written test
Group interview
Problem solving exercises
Phone call/screening
Least reported steps
They have no interview
Take-home/sample work

What candidates say about the interview process at Distell

  • Very formal casual welcoming.HR would give a breakdown of the company products values etc. The one you report to will give a breakdown of the role and what's required and detailed explanation on key…
    Shared on 6 December 2021
  • Very professional and in group form. Departmental supervisor, manager and HR manager are involved. EE rep optional
    Shared on 14 May 2019 - Senior buyer - Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
  • Cbi interview but relaxed and very efficient interviewersquestions related to business partners , alwaysthe business first and partners happydiscuss your motivation and experience and your good and …
    Shared on 23 January 2019 - Administrator Assistant - Cape Town, Western Cape
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Interview questions at Distell

Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates

  • Target selection based question with request of previous experience and or examples. Eg Cost saving initiativesStaff conflict handling
    Shared on 14 May 2019 - Senior buyer - Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
  • Why do you consider yourself the best person for the job.Example of conflict handling.Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years.What do you consider as "Urgent" and how do you go about that.Do…
    Shared on 27 September 2018 - Creditors Clerk - Stellenbosch
  • Why you applied for this learneshipDo you have any work experienceWhat is your highest qualification
    Shared on 10 February 2018 - Learneship machine operator - Wadeville, Gauteng

The first interview at Distell

How candidates got an interview
  • Other online job site23%
  • Recruiter contacted me19%
  • Employee referral15%
  • Through Indeed11%
  • Paper application8%

How candidates received their first interview at Distell

  • A recruiting agency contacted me
    Shared on 8 March 2021 - Inventory Controller - Cape Town, Western Cape
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  • Distell
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